Equipping packages now changes skin color to Grey


Packages, or I guess now called either bundles or costumes, now change your skin color to Grey when equipped through the PC avatar editor. I can’t imagine this is intended behavior.
Steps to reproduce

  1. Have package/bundle/costume
  2. Equip package/bundle/costume


Thanks for the report. We’re aware of this.
Bundles are only enabled for beta testers as of now and this will be fixed before we roll out to all users.


This should be fixed for everyone now.


This seems to be happening again, when a user equips a Preset Costume, it changes the user’s skin color to grey, takes off all other accessories, faces, gear, t-shirts and resets the scaling to default.


Preset costumes do set scales. They should not, however, be setting body colors. Can you tell me which preset costume you used to reproduce this?


I used https://www.roblox.com/bundles/108/ROBLOX-Girl to reproduce this, however it doesn’t seem to happen anymore, thanks! As a side note, other things I mentioned excluding body scales still happen, is this expected behaviour?


Yes, currently the preset costume resets your current appearance if it contains at least one of each of the following asset types:
LeftArm, RightArm, LeftLeg, RightLeg, Torso

Please note that this is the behavior at the time of this post. This is subject to change in the future but we hope to notify developers if or when it changes.



Currently this issue has been resolved for PC users, but is still noticeable on mobile and presumably Xbox One. This is especially a problem for users on these platforms due to the lack of an advanced tab for body colors. Sometimes I create costumes just to save certain body color layouts for when I use the mobile editor, since it is much faster and less buggy than the PC one.


Thanks for the report! We’ll work on getting this fixed for mobile and Xbox.