Equipping tool fixes my characters torso straight

So I’ve been making an animation for a gun I made, and the walking animation I have makes the character lean forward, but whenever I equip a tool, it makes the torso perpendicular from the ground, I’m not so sure about the best way to describe it so I’ll take some screenshots below,

heres a screenshot of what the walking animation looks like without the tool

and heres with,

I’ve tried to set the priority of the idle animation to movement and others to action but it still doesn’t work and neither can I find any solutions solve it because I’m not sure how to describe it.

Any help will be appreciated

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Animation probably makes it upright, remove the animation and check if it fixes
Hope this works, if it does, don’t forget to mark as solution! (happy august btw)

It might be because you have set the priority to only some places on the character?

So maybe a default animation is overlapping it.

i made a seperate tool that doesnt have an animation at all and it still makes me walk upright, but thanks for the suggestion and happy august