Erase plugin data?

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Hello. Right to the point, is it possible to completely reset plugin data? That’s it.

What do you mean by “plugin data”? Plugin settings?

Yeah, like the settings that a plugin saves or the HTTP requests that are requested by Roblox when the plugin requests it.

Maybe re-installing Studio or the plugins themselves should erase the data.

No. Plugin data are saved on the account, so reinstalling it doesn’t help.

This function is the only one I know to make data persist in Studio. I don’t think it saves per account though.

It can change the data of the plugin. Though, I won’t be able to change it and also not be able to remove the other things like HTTP requests by Roblox.

If you used plugin:SetSetting to save settings, just set every setting you used to nil. Reinstalling the plugin might also work.

If you are on windows, in the file explorer, type the following into the top: %localappdata%/Roblox
Then, click the folder that is the same as your user ID, then InstalledPlugins. Find the folder that shares the ID of the plugin (or 0 if it is a local plugin), then find and delele settings.json!

If you are on mac, its similar by the initial location is different, and I can’t remember where it is

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I was talking about erasing data of other plugins not my own.

Did not work.

How do you know the data is still being remembered?

Thank you, that fixed the issue. By the way, is it possible in any way that I can remove the HTTP requests that the plugin requests? I’ve a few of them in a plugin and I feel like it looks a little unclean to have that many. Like this:


I just checked the part where the data saving works ._.

Ok - do you know what the plugin ID of Argon is?
edit: (meant to send this in the other chat, ah well)

That was for another plugin and yeah the data did reset. And yeah I do know the ID of argon but it’s no issue.

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