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Hello everyone! I’m a self-taught artist from Korea who specializes in Blender 3D modeling and building in Roblox Studio. I am a former 3D Animations student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and I was part of Roblox’s 2020 Summer Accelerator Program! I also have experiences in 3D animations using Blender, Autodesk Maya and Roblox’s Moon Animator, music production and Sound Design with FL Studio, and graphic design with Adobe Illustrator. I have been on the platform since 2009, and been working professionally since 2013!

The most successful project I have led during my developer career is Redcliff City RP. Some of the notable projects I have participated in are The Conquerors 3, Murder Mystery X, Tradelands, and Le Bote. I am currently working at Trihex Studios as a co-creator and also lead other projects such as Hunting Simulator 2, and Monster Hunting Simulator as our Summer 2020 Accelerator project!


UGC Concepts
  • All accessories use 256 x 256 pixels for textures and are below 4,000 triangles and 1,200 vertices

Untitled Roleplay Game













Hunting Simulator 2

To play the game, click here!


Monster Hunting Simulator

To play the game, click here!




The Conquerors 3

WW2 USA Soldiers

Modern Russian Soldiers

Modern British Soldiers

Modern North Korean Vehicles

Modern South Korean Vehicles

Dystopian Buildings

Modern USA Buildings

Cold War Soviet Buildings

Wild West Buildings

Murder Mystery X

Club 82 Map

Art Gallery Map

Mummy Map

Summer Lobby

Personal Projects

Mars Research Station

Eastern Security Checkpoint

KCIA Headquarters

Coffee shop concept for university design class

Korean BBQ Restaurant

Battlefield 4 “Lancang Dam” remake

Bunch of Hyundai/Kia cars

From left to right: T-34-85, Chonma-ho IV, K200 IFV



Personal Artworks
  • Most of these artworks were made for my University admission portfolio for 2018.

Canada Remembrance Day Poster Contest for 2017-2018, awarded second place on national level (Acrylic)

Still Life, 2017 (Graphite)

Time and Space
Time and Space, 2017 (Pen and ink)

Pancakes, 2017 (Watercolor)

BTR-90, 2017 (Acrylic)

Angel of Death, 2017 (Acrylic)

Concept Armor, 2017 (Acrylic)

Samoyed, 2017 (Chalk)

Apartment Perspective, 2017 (Watercolor)

Hyangwonjeong, 2016 (Acrylic)

Glockaroni and Cheese, 2016 (Graphite)

Head Anatomy, 2016 (Graphite)

Grapes, 2016 (Watercolor)

Model Sketching, 2016 (Graphite)

Yoshihiro Akiyama, 2016 (Acrylic)

Can, 2016 (Graphite)

Bottles, 2016 (Acrylic)

Peaches, 2015 (Watercolor)

Flowers, 2015 (Acrylic)



There are no set prices, as they vary depending on development time, difficulty, and the amount of work needed. Please contact via Twitter for more inquiries regarding commission fees.


If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them! Please feel free to contact me through Twitter

Thank you for your time! :grinning:


These are some very unique and well-made models you have here! I wish you only the best! :+1:


I can vouch for this guy!

He is very talented, he has made successful projects and I wish him the best!

Great portfolio also, very unique and artistic!


Consistently great at what he does and a great individual to befriend! Can’t wait to see what else lies in wait!


I’ve known Eric for years and I believe that his devotion to asset creation is amazing. He is extremely reliable when it comes to making assets. I recommend hiring him if you are looking for a skilled 3D modeler.

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Amazing skills, and absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve interacted with a fair share of people on this platform for many years, but I’ve yet to find someone as talented as Eric.

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This man’s talent as a designer never ceases to amaze me. Eric has always delivered absolutely outstanding work, as well as been a great guy - I’d recommend him 100% of the time.

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your models are amazing, you have great design skills, and you really know your thing. good luck on your future endeavors

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Did you legit model for TC3? Because I play that game all the time.

Yep! You can find every skin I made on the official wiki page for The Conquerors 3.

Woah, well, your models are awesome! Great job. I hope one day I can be as good as you!

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I can vouch for Eric, he was a very important member of The Conquerors 3 history, pulling up the standards of skin models at the time with his many models.

He didnt mention this in his portfolio, but he has also modeled for my other game, Store Empire. Along with another unreleased game of mine.

He is one of only two modelers I have trusted to work on three different games of mine.


Hi! I’ve sent you a friend request my username is jhn#1111. Thank you!

In the many years I’ve known Eric, he has never failed to impress me with his skills, versatility, work ethic, and attention to detail. He is a great friend and a great artist.

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Hi! I can also vouch for Eric. He’s helped me out and gave me some great advice on how to be a better modeler overall. I really appreciate his great work ethic in getting things done while having fun doing so!

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damn i like u models, i used to use autodesk maya but couldnt afford the 3k a year lmao so yeah i make cars on blender