ERNESTOroblox100 Portfolio \ Developer ; 3D modeler

Hello My Name is Ernesto . Formally known as ErnestohatElse on my [Twitch] and ERNESTOroblox100 on [Roblox]
Quick Info : I Reached 600+ Followers on Twitch
I am Developing and 3D Modeling since 2020
Same Thing as being the Owner from the Group [Ernesto hoch IO] with 130+ Member and an Experience with over 6.5k+ Visits
With being the Owner from my Second Group [Ernesto Studio] Managing with about 65+ Members and an Experience with 2k+ Visits
With about giving 10k+ Robux into Ads for any of My Games I didn´t reached to get an Pro Developer
but got The Bombastic Crown of O´s which was pretty good and gave me the motivation to try join the UGC program
3D Modeling is something I am doing for Privat but after my Friends told me about the UGC Program being Opened forever I wanted to give it a Try with this Item :

For Me Living in Germany and making Daily Livestream (with Facecam) I think i could add to create Daily UGC Items into my Days :wink: