Err_failed on 4/5g

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    Ok this bug IS very weird, when i use my 4/5g from free (unlimited) it Say err fail

    When i turn on a vpn it work
    Before it was working it broke today
    How this Can be fixed?

To recreate this bug you need 4/5g from free


Works fine on O2 - UK 4G (ignore 5G icon, it is a 4G connection). This is on an unlimited data plan.

There’s a chance that Free (iirc that’s French right?) might be blocking access to the DevForum. I don’t see that being likely but it’s not impossible.

DevForum might have also been experiencing issues when you sent this, you should try again.

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Decided to test a known blocked site on O2 ( and it gives me a different error. Not entirely sure what’s happening here.

Definitely seems to be related to your provider potentially.

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they dont block it since i have free box and it work
and i found the problem its free dns
its really slow and only the homepage load, weird

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Yeah, sounds like that was probably the issue.

I’d recommend using Google or Cloudflares DNS if you’re able to ( or

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