Error 3 at Roblox installation

Hey y’all guys!
So uh, one of my friends texted me like: “Hey ya, know what error 3 means? I just reinstalled Windows, that didn’t worked either!”

I want to ask y’all, what even is this?
I will response y’all maybe later guys.


Open File Explorer - Find System C and Click it - Find ProgramData and Open it - Find Roblox and Open it - Create a new folder named “Downloads”


That happened to you too?

Ok, I will say that to my friend

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Check The Folder in the System C is a ProgramData not Program Files

Ok, sure.

Will say that. Thank you!

That didn’t work. Is there really any difference between ProgramData and Program Files?

Nevermind, that helped. Thank you

idk well but i think ProgramData file is like a datastoreservice