Error at the end of my code with the end)

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local Folder = game.ServerStorage.ToolStorage
-- Officer
local pep = Folder.PepperSpray
local Baton = Folder["Police Baton"]
local cit = Folder["Citation Book"]
local taser = Folder["ER-31X"]
local glock = Folder["Glock 19"]
local handcuffs = Folder.Handcuffs

		if player.TeamColor =="Bronze") then
			if player:GetRankInGroup(10886396) == 1 then --Awaiting Training
				local a = pep:Clone()
				a.Parent = player.Backpack
			else if player:GetRankInGroup(10886396) >= 20 then -- Officer
				local a = glock:Clone()
				a.Parent = player.Backpack
				local b = handcuffs:Clone()
				b.Parent = player.Backpack
				local c = cit:Clone()
				c.Parent = player.Backpack
				local d = taser:Clone()
				d.Parent = player.Backpack
				local e = Baton:Clone()
				e.Parent = player.Backpack
				local f = pep:Clone()
				f.Parent = player.Backpack

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you. If you can’t answer the three questions above, you should probably pick a different category.

You forgot a couple of ends

f.Parent = player.Backpack

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That worked thanks for your help.

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