Error - attempt to call a table value

so I have a table of X and Y coordinates organised in a table provided by the client. that all works. it looks like this with a bunch of tables for x coordinates, containing all the Y coordinates that have that x coordinate. every X,Y position has a color that needs to be applied to a grid.

however, I’m trying to apply these coordinates using this script, and is says “Attempt to call a table value”

for X = 0,14 do
	for Y = 1,15 do
		New.Cubes[string(X .. "," .. Y)].Color = PlayerImage[X][Y]

X starts at zero, Y starts at 1, not sure why i did it that way, but it works so I don’t mind it lol

I’m just concerned about the error I’m getting, any help is very appreciated, thanks.

The string global is a table, and you’re putting () around it, thereby calling it.

ohhh, I just realised I need to use tosrting() instead, thanks.