Error - BrickColor is not a valid member of Part

I am trying to make a can that players can drop red items into. Players should be able to drop their red item into the can (via ProximityPrompt). Then the can’s overhead gui should update to show how many red items are inside.

However, when I run the game, I get an error in the output saying that “BrickColor is not a valid member of Part” (The error is from line 10 and the red items consist of a part named “Handle” inside a tool).

I’ve tried switching between BrickColor and Color3, but nothing is working so far.

Here’s my code:

local RedCount = 0 --Keeps track of how many red studs are inside the can.

local RedPrompt = script.Parent.RedCan.Base.ProximityPrompt

local function Add1(Player)
	local Check = Player.Backpack:FindFirstChild("Stud") --Checks if a red stud is in the player's backpack.
	if Check ~= nil then
		if Player.Backpack.Stud.Handle.BrickColor =="Bright red") then
			local Material = Player.Backpack:WaitForChild("Stud")
			RedCount = RedCount + 1
			script.Parent.RedCan.BillboardGui.TextLabel.Text = "Red - "..RedCount --Updates text.
	local Check2 = Player.Character:FindFirstChild("Stud") --Checks if player is holding a red stud.
	if Check2 ~= nil then
		if Player.Character.Stud.Handle.Color3 ==, 0.156863, 0.109804) then
			local Material = Player.Character:WaitForChild("Stud")
			RedCount = RedCount + 1
			script.Parent.RedCan.BillboardGui.TextLabel.Text = "Red - "..RedCount --Updates text.
RedPrompt.Triggered:Connect(Add1) --[[Adds +1 to RedCount and updates the can's text when
								  a player is holding a red stud when they click the prompt]]

(=> this is my first post so I’m hoping I did everything right)

You’re if statement is correct.
On the condition your giving it an actual part, example Baseplate here.

“Player.Backpack.Stud.Handle” is likely not a Part (specifically of the Class BasePart)

You can check this, and find out more with the following code above line 10:

print(typeof(Player.Backpack.Stud.Handle)) – is it a string, a number, a CFrame value or something?

print(Player.Backpack.Stud.Handle:GetFullName()) – if it is an instance, this wont error, itll print its hierarchical name!

print(Player.Backpack.Stud.Handle:IsA("BasePart")) – is this thing actually under categorical Class BasePart? (Assumed instance, errors otherwise also)