Error calling CreateFile

I’m getting the error “Error calling CreateFile” after i uninstalled I reinstalled roblox, I restarted my pc hoping to fix the problem, I also tried ipconfig /flushdns (I won’t delete the cache)
I saw a forum on the devforum he said he created a folder called downloads I already had that I tried playing didnt work, anyone please help…

I saw task manager and it runs in background

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boy what the hell is “error calling CreateFile”

you using exploits???


its a roblox error search it on google…

Have you tried repairing the Windows files with this command on a command prompt with administrative privileges?

sfc /scannow

Are you using a PC with multiple users?


nope i am not using pc with multiple users

ty i will try running roblox

It didnt work I thought it would :frowning:

im just going to factory reset my pc… ( i have my files and passwords backed up )

Do you have file access restriction on? I think it’s a setting in windows that blocks apps from accessing files unless you allow them.
Also if you have an antivirus, try temporarily disabling it since it could be blocking Roblox from launching.

broo its running in background processsssss

also no i dont have file access restriction on, also roblox started running in background since ive got the error “Error calling CreateFile”

Nvm I cleared the cache, Didnt work… should I just factory reset my pc?

I factory resetted now roblox wont start at all it says starting roblox then it dissapears then the “Download roblox” menu shows up and it doesnt go away like normal so… idk what to do tbh…

Nevermind it worked the day after :DDD FINALLY I MISS ROBLOXX