Error code 277 mystery

Hi guys,

We need your help solving a mystery.

We have a lot of fun making our small Roblox game. Before the summer we had our first test of the game where we, thanks to you guys, got a lot of feedback and ideas.

All summer we were working on those improvements.

Now we are almost done but we have one big mystery we can not figure out.

Please check your internet connection and try again (error 277)

We have never really discussed it much in our group because it seems to be the internet connection.

But 2 weeks ago we were testing the game with 4 people over a zoom call where we played for two hours to find bugs and make corrections.

Here is what happened:
Person 1 got error 277 0 times
Person 2 got error 277 0 times
Person 3 got error 277 14 times
Person 4 got error 277 5 times

And no time did any of us lose the connection to the zoom call.

Person 1 and 2 never gets error 277 in any Roblox games.

Person 3 and 4 get error 277 often in Roblox games but they get it more in our game then in other games.

We have been testing and trying to solve it like crazy the last weeks, but we can not figure out what triggers error 277 in our game.

We have noticed that it almost always happens for person 3 and 4 between 3 and 10 sec. after spawning in our lobby or at a location in our game.

Then they can play for long but as soon as they teleport to a new location there is a high risk of error 277.

Do you have any idea what triggers error 277 in our game?

Do you get error 277 when you play our game?

Game link: IceCreams! - Roblox