"Error Code: 277" When attempting to join games

Current Error: 277,
This error occurs every attempt to join on a game, it happens with most games, but some are still unaffected. It happens randomly without notice or warning and cannot be resolved with any method.
I first thought this was on my end but after restarting my computer, uninstalling roblox and even trying to find issues with my Ethernet cable still no result. I don’t believe this is a network issue on my part because people using the same network as me have no issue. It happens at random but when it does rejoining a game doesn’t work and the error continues to happen. This happens on most games but some don’t experience it. This bug happens every time I try to join a game, sometimes working, most of the time not. I’ve actually been trying to join a game for the past 10 minutes and within the “Joining Server” screen I get disconnected.

I want to say this bug started as a little error from time to time, I’d say the bug started a week, maybe two weeks ago at max. It was hard to notice at first but now impossible to ignore. I would also like to restate that I am hard-wired into my modem and my other partners have no issues connecting while on the same network as me.

Edit: I’m very confused because I’ve just unplugged my Ethernet cable and tried joining a game, it worked. This is very weird. As soon as I plugged it back in, I got disconnected again. I’m starting to think this is a local error, but I have no idea what’s happening, I’ve checked the Ethernet cable and there’s tears in it so I might have to replace.


After consultation I believe this has come to be an error on my end, even though it is still happening to many others including me from time to time.

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