Error code on a place link

Basically a video was put in (30 seconds video) as a trailer.
First it was in the 1st order, then 2 thumbnails came but then someone decided to move it to the last in the order.
The person doing it changed his mind and then moved it back to 1st in the order but then roblox decided to hand out a error code to people entering the link.

This is very bad as it’s making the player count going down.

Basically the video thinks he’s a thumbnail…

Edit: Made the video private and it works but still needs fixing

Can you go into the configuration page of the game like so:

And then try messing with the order or deleting items until it works?

(Suggesting this because this is the web category after all, and they probably want it fixed ASAP)

Doesn’t work, we’ve tried with everything.

@AsusTech: see the other thread where I mentioned this

Hey, we are trying to fix this right now.

Could you try turning off youtube ads on that video temporarily, and see if that fixes it?


This issue should now be fixed.

Thank you
username: bmhumadi

I’ve heard that DarkN3xus is very helpful and efficient when finding bugs, he also wrote that statement for you staff members.

Not sure if I’m allowed to say that but you should consider him having a red tophat :’)

Edit: He’s also very thankful.