Error Code Reference Sheet | FYT2

FYT2 Build Mode Error Codes

0x1 | The item is overlapping with something else.

Please move the item to another location, or buy Build Mode Premium to decrease collision

0x2 | The item map have been removed from the game.

This item will be removed from your inventory, and you will be refunded the original price.

0x3 | The item was corrupted, please try again

An item in your inventory may be corrupted. If it continues to corrupt, please contact us with proof, and you will be refunded.

0x4 | Insuccificent Funds

Try again once you have more money. Plex Points are obtained every minute, even if you have the x2 time gamepass.

0x5 | Server Error, Retry.

Something happened on the server side, please try again later.

0x6 | You cannot place that item.

This item cannot be placed at the moment.

0x7 | This item cannot be deleted.

This item may not be deted. To put it in your inventory, press the Inventory button and click on the item.

0x8 | This item cannot be put into your inventory.

This item may not be put into your inventory. To sell it, press the Trash icon and click on it.

0x9 | Deletion error, try again later

Something isn’t right with deleting that item. Try again later.

0x1001 | An unknown error occurred, or is nil.

0x1002 | That item is out of season.

The item you are trying to place cannot be placed at this time of year. Contact support with proof for a refund, or wait until it’s in season again/

0x1003 | Item Limit, Please delete some things, or buy Build Mode Premium.

You have reached the 850 item limit. To continue placing items, boost your plot, or buy Build Mode Premium

0x1004 | Item Limit reached, you cannot place anything else.

You have reached the Build Mode Premium / Boosted Plot Item limit.

0x1005 | Wall to short.

You cannot place a wall shorter than 1 stud. Please drag more.

0x1006 | Item not found.

Please search for a different keyword. An item matching that was not found.

0x1007 | Error previewing item

Could not start a Preview due to an unknown error. Contact us with an image with the F9 console.

0x1008 | Error with Preview Camera.

Could not initialize the camera to preview an item, for an unknown reason. Retry, rejoin, or contact us.

0x1009 | Could not check if a floor was touching.

Error checking if 1 or more floors in the queue to be placed was touching the plot. This error is probably caused by an internal error. Please file a bug report.

0x1010 | Could not check for touching parts.

As for the floor touching, this is likely an internal error. If you get a specific error in the console, please message us. Other than that, file a bug report and please wait.

Game Errors

0xP0101001 | Plot Data Corrupted
0xp10201021 | Could not load plots
0xP00233931 | Error previewing plot
0xPi08482381 | Plot Selection error, try again
0x849859234 | Account Ban
0x835482321 | DataStore Error
0xi959239234JLE | Nametag error. Please refer to console for more info.
0xi959_ns9235JE | Unknown nametag error. Please rejoin.
0x122445jd93 | Error with Login System.
0xj94mfg23 | Something is wrong with Build Mode Tools, and the description is not displaying. Try again later.
0xhf9nf9344 | Region blocked.

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-mm *your message *, or DMing our Twitter. Discord will be checked more often.

Errors will now have more detail.