Error function level parameter does not work

We are going around in circles, and I am dizzy. Maybe ask Roblox, post it under “Feature Request” and see what they say. My opinion is exactly that, opinion. Opinion as a hobbyist C++ programmer, yet I still stand awestruck by Lua! What you say sounds easy enough considering the leaps Roblox have made toward accessible programming paradigms, it smacks of drag-and-drop programming though, the type they teach to kids. But hey, my opinion again. Good luck poking Dave and the others with this. I’ll keep my eye open!!

I have contacted Roblox still waiting on a replay

and if you read here How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum - #4 by Roblox

you can see it says

For feature requests and bug reports about the Roblox platform, please use the #platform-feedback category.

and that’s what iv done posted in the #platform-feedback category