How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum

On the Roblox Developer Forum, we have several forum levels that users can obtain as they browse and participate on the forum. Your forum level determines where you can post new topics, and what you can reply to.

This topic explains how Developer Forum levels work and how you can unlock more posting permissions over time.


Users start out at the “Visitor” level at the top when first logging in through Roblox.


What different levels does the forum have?


You get this level when you first log in on the Developer Forum through your Roblox account.

As a Visitor, you are able to view almost all categories of the forum, including announcements, development support topics, all sorts of resources and tutorials, as well as bug reports and feature requests that have been submitted by forum members. You are not yet able to post, but you can browse posts and topics. We also keep track of which posts you have visited and read, and you can bookmark topics and posts that you find interesting.

To level up to Member, you need to read enough posts over a period of time. After enough browsing, you will be automatically moved up to the Member level.


As a Member, you now get to view and post in almost all forum categories. Note that some posts and topics you make will need to pass through approval before they show up to others.

To level up to Regular, you need to make sure you (1) use to the forum appropriately according to our community rules and guidelines, (2) have made a few posts on the forum, (3) visited the forum for several weeks and (4) you need to pass through post approval several times successfully. You will be automatically promoted to Regular once you meet the criteria and have a clean moderation history.

Note: Promotions from Member --> Regular are on hold until the criteria are updated to not include Post Approval, since Post Approval has been deprecated.


As a Regular, you can now create posts and replies in all categories without post approval, as you have shown that you know how to make these topics according to forum rules and guidelines.

You can level up to Top Contributor by being active and making frequent, positive contributions to discussions. This level is meant for the best contributors in our community, to acknowledge and reward their dedication to high-quality discussion.

Note: Promotions from Regular --> Top Contributor are on hold until the criteria are updated not to require manual checks from the community.

Additionally, it is possible to be invited to level up directly to Community Editor. The criteria for this are (roughly) that you show exceptional knowledge of forum rules and guidelines, and have consistently high quality posts over the time span that you have been a Regular.

Top Contributor

Top Contributor is a forum title and avatar flair to highlight some of the best contributors to our community. These people are active posters that frequently and consistently contribute to high-quality discussion.

As a Top Contributor, you can be invited to Community Editor. The criteria for this are (roughly) that you show exceptional knowledge of forum rules and guidelines, and have consistently high quality posts over the time span that you have been a Regular.

You can lose this title by being inactive over extended periods of time.

Community Editor

Community Editors are veteran forum users that have a very high understanding of the developer community and the rules and guidelines of this forum. In addition, they are some of the most active and best contributors in the broader developer community and/or on the forum. They have an exemplary attitude both on the forum and also on other platforms within the Roblox community.

Community Editors can edit post titles and recategorize topics. They will only use these powers to support the community, e.g. when a topic is incorrectly categorized, or the topic title is unclear or has some mistakes that could be corrected.

Community Sage

Community Sages are expert and exemplary forum users with long track records of contribution and activity, both on- and off-forum, in the Roblox community. This level is given to users that have shown to have a high understanding of how the forum works and about its community, are highly trustworthy, and show good moderation traits.

Community Sages have extended forum permissions (locking and hiding topics, editing titles and contents of posts, moving posts to a different category, and merging replies to other topics). They may use these abilities to make the forum easier to browse and improve the flow of discussion.

Community Sages cannot see nor handle community flags on posts, only the Developer Engagement Team sees and handles those.


How do I see my own or someone else’s level?

Trust Level

You can find your own trust level on your profile as “Trust Level” (click “Expand” first to reveal):

Similarly, you can see the trust level of others by going onto their profile.

These trust levels exist:

  • Visitor: Corresponds to “Visitor” level.
  • Member: Corresponds to “Member” level.
  • Regular: Corresponds to “Regular” level.
  • Editor: Corresponds to “Community Editor” level.
  • Leader: People with moderation capabilities (locking, unlisting, editing, and moving posts). “Community Sage” has this trust level and also all Roblox staff members with administrative / moderating permissions.

Avatar Flairs and Titles

Some users have an avatar flair or a title that shows a particular trait of that user. An example is given below of someone that has a flair on their avatar image and the “Community Sage” title next to their name.


Community Flairs

These flairs exist for community members:

Top Contributor
Community Champion
Community Editor
Community Sage

Roblox Flairs

These flairs exist for Roblox staff members:

Roblox Intern
Roblox Staff


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can view / create posts on the forum?

Visitors can view most categories. Members and higher can additionally view Forum Feedback, and can also post replies and topics in most places. You can review the “About” post in each category to see who has which permissions exactly for that category.

Can I be leveled down?

You can be removed from the forum if you break our community rules and guidelines, or otherwise at the discretion of the Developer Relations team. If you keep in line with our rules and guidelines, you will not lose the Member or Regular levels once you have attained them.

For more information on the so-called “three strike system” of forum moderation, see:

I see people with a “Programmer” or “Builder” title, how do I get those?

You can join one of the groups here, and then the corresponding title will show next to your name:

This is to show off that you have experience in a particular field of development.

I have an idea or an issue related to the forum that I want to share!

You can post them in the #forum-feedback category. We regularly check this category for new feature requests and issues. All of your issues and feature requests are heard!

For feature requests and bug reports about the Roblox platform, please use the #platform-feedback category.

For forum moderation, please discuss this privately with the @DevEngagementTeam team.