Error info dropdown is broken

Clicking the dropdown carrot on an error row causes the dropdown to temporarily flicker open. The dropdown contents do appear to be what they should be (stack traces, etc) but they aren’t visible long enough to read. Subsequent clicks do nothing.

Expected behavior

Clicking the dropdown carrot should open the dropdown.

Page URL:{GAMEID}/analytics/errors


I was about to post the same thing. This is a very annoying issue. For some reason when I screenrecord it with shareX it sometimes magically works. I already tried clearing my cache, and tried different browsers(firefox and chrome) to no avail. Here is a video of it happening.

I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue on my end. I think we may have fixed the issue this morning. Do you see this as fixed now?

If not, which browser(s) are you using? Does disabling any of your browser extensions help?

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It does appear to be working correctly now. Thank you!