Error nil comparing with number

I used this code to compare numbers on a textButton with a number
but I got this error and I don’t understand why…


, thanks

because you are comparing a number, to a value that is nil, show that line of code please

Can you show me the script please?

oh okayy sorry for late reply here

Your text seems to be nil, or it is just a string. Can you define what exactly is written in the textlabel. Alternatively, if you are creating a number for the textlabels text you can just compare the actual number instead of using the text of the text label.

oh on the textButton it’s number.
I convert number to string first and then do textButton.Text = tostring(the number)
EDIT: I didn’t store it in an intvalue or anything like that

Im confused… why arent you just comparing the number then? Also you do not have to use tostring for a number on a textlabel. Could you show me a explorer photo of the text label and tell me what exactly is the number?

oh okay here

this one

I will afk a few minutes.ฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺฺ

Sorry for the late reply, was off a bit. Where do you change the number of the textlabel? Also with explorer i didnt mean the gameplay, i just wanted to know where you are defining the number as an instance.

oh sorry for late reply

I might be reading this tommorow

You should, cause it looks like you buy something with the button, the server should record what price it is in a NumberValue or IntValue, and when the client detects a click, send a RemoteEvent to the server with the type of upgrade, the server from there can validate the purchase and go through with it.