Error on script in game

My Game was working just fine without any problems but today I am getting numerous errors and by briefly looking at them it appears it has something to do with the HD Admin but I am not 100% certain.

  1. What is the issue? The error messages pertain to a file called Admin Loader. The Admin Loader file keeps getting thrown into various spots in my game when I test Play. I see the Output window with various errors pertaining to the Admin Loader and it is being placed in spots it does not belong. Also my chat box in Studio won’t open anymore and I can see messages about that as well. The chat appears to have to do with the Icon Loader.

  2. What solutions have you tried so far? I deleted HD Admin entirely from the game and then put it back in thinking something in HD glitched or caused an issue.

HD Admin is not my script. I installed it to utilize in my game for value added features and I had been using it without any issues for a couple weeks.

I know what the error message dealing with CarB is so I am not concerned with this one. I’m concerned with the Load Amin errors and the Chat error.

Make sure nothing is in the Chat. Also check if anything like require, loadstring, getfenv or setfenv is in a script. If you find require, loadstring, getfenv or setfenv in a script other than admin then it is most likely a backdoor. Also make sure you got the legit HD Admin.

Which one is the legit HD Admin ? I believe I loaded the one AlvinBlox recommended… but please which is the correct one ?

Is there an easy way to search the scripts for those words “If you find require, loadstring, getfenv or setfenv” ?

What do u mean by make sure nothing is in Chat. In my explorer window I see this, screenshot attached

Have you checked all of your plugins to make sure they are legitimate?

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if HD Admin is considered a Plugin then its the issue, however If I delete HD Admin I am still getting errors.

The http error keeps happening. I goto Game Settings and turn HTTP back on repetitively but this error keeps popping up. I wonder what keeps turning it off and how ? The HTTP error is new along with the Admin Loader and Fix errors. They were not there before but are now.

Ok I think i got everything deleted now. I’m back to no extra errors and my Chat window is back.

Ok I just deleted those as well… I added those yesterday.

Which Moon Animator is the legit one ?

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Ok thanks a bunch ! I will reset up HD Admin and get this thing back to normal status. I appreciate your help !

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