Error opening roblox [cacert.pem]

My issue is that when I attempt to open Roblox, it fails to start and instead downloads a file named “cacert.pem” alongside the Roblox application. Additionally, a system error message pops up. This problem is also affecting my friends. I have included a video of the error and some screenshots to provide more clarity on the situation.

The same happens with Roblox Studio.

The error started occurring today after I uninstalled and reinstalled Roblox. My friend even formatted his computer, but the error persisted. We’ve tried several methods to fix it, but none of them have worked so far.

The system detected a stack-based buffer overrun in this application. This saturation could allow a malicious user to take control of the application.

I hope to have an answer soon thank you.


Same problem in a recently built pc on version 22H2 windows 10.Same language too


We are taking a look right now. Thank you for the report!


happpen the same to me.
hope it gets fix soon


Thank you very much, I also forgot to mention that this also happens in roblox studio.


Same problem for me , i can’t install roblox or roblox studio :cry:

Same problem for me,happend to me yesterday

But i realised that file {cacert.pem} also appear in my Download folder and also appear here

Im pretty sure everyone who experience this get Studio And Roblox Player closed by itself or appears an error but for me the player and Studio closed by itself

Thanks, please keep us updated time by time

it’s working for me
thank you!

how do you solve the problem ?

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I got that setup just like normal but at certain point will autoclosed by itself

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remove the old roblox studio and player that you just installed

I realised they changed from RobloxPlayerInstaller back into RobloxPlayerLauncher

seems like the admin did a great job

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I just reinstalled it, it looks like they updated it and it works, I didn’t do anything else

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We’ve undone the change on our side and the issue should be resolved.

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