Error Report seemingly showing errors from another game

I am seeing error messages that should not possibly exist. I am well aware of every model/script that is within this place or has ever been in this place.

Here are just a few entries from my error reporting page. A large portion (well over half) of all errors/warnings within my error report are related to issues that could not happen with my game.

There has never been a script named “CarClient” ever created, let alone parented to the player’s backpack.

There is no such thing as a model named “Acacia Planks Door” that was ever placed into my experience, not even temporarily during testing. ReplicatedStorage.Framework also isn’t a path that has ever existed within my experience.

I have never used A-Chassis at any point in any place, yet I have tens of thousands of varying errors coming from it.

Expected behavior

I should see only errors relating to my game

Page URL:

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We are aware of this issue. There is another report already here:

we believe it is due to some injecting script by malformed players and we are working on fixing it now with trust&safety.

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Appreciated. Hopefully it will be fixed soon as currently the page would almost be better off not existing. Very few of the entries are from my game & it’s so difficult to sift through I can’t use it to make any meaningful repairs