Error Returned when Using New Account for "Email Already Used"

Browser Information: Google Chrome, Version 107.0.5304.110
Impact: High
Frequency: Consistently
Date First Experienced: 8/27/22

Detailed description of bug

  • I’ve recently started migrating to a new Roblox account, and I tried to log onto the Devforum for the first time with it. However, it returned an Error
    “There is already an account associated with your email address on this forum. Because the Developer Forum only allows one account per email address, you will need to create a new email address on your Roblox Account Settings page and verify it before you can login.”
    I’ve contacted Roblox support about this issue, and confirmed that only 1 account (pseudosc1ence) is linked to my email ( I’m not excited to switch to another email, so what sould I do?

When it started happening

  • It started happening once I switched to this account. I unbinded my email from the one that posted this topic and linked it to my new account.

Screenshots and videos of the bug

Here is a email from Roblox comfirming that there is only 1 account linked to my email:

Steps to reproduce the issue (be minimal, specific, consistent!)

  • I haven’t tried to reproduce the bug, since it would require me to make many more new emails and accounts, so I can only list what I did to the best of my memory. Originally, I linked this Roblox account to my email, but when I started migrating accounts, I linked this account to an older email of mine and gave my current email to my new account. Both of my emails (my older one to this account, and my current one to my new account) have been verified.

Edits: Added clarification/more infromation

Would you mind logging in first with your previous Roblox account? Then, you can login with the new one.

You need to do this to dissociate your email address from your previous DevForum account record.

Sorry for the confusion, but this is my previous account. I’m migrating to a new account, and it’s extremely frustrating to have to sign out and sign in to this one every time I want to use the Devforum, since I have 2 step verification enabled on both accounts (with different emails).

I’d just resort to that, there’s services like Anonaddy (which I believe Roblox doesn’t block, other sites may do though), which forward emails to your main email address. Please note you can’t send messages from it though on a free subscription.

I think what’s probably happened is that Discourse still has your old email linked, there’s not a real way to remove it from I assume Roblox doesn’t have an API to remove your email from your old DevForum account but checks whether that email is linked to a DevForum account.

I think DevForum only stores emails for the purposes of sending email notifications if I’m right?

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This is correct, and that’s what LuaCow was aiming at above. Logging in with your old account while the new email address is configured will update that new email address on the forum, freeing up the spot of the old email address.


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