Error: 'Slow down, too many requests from this IP address'

Upon visiting pages on the DevForum I have a random chance of getting rejected for ‘Slow down, too many requests from this IP address’.

Example from

Error on topic page:

I am sure that this is not a problem with how many requests I’m making to the DevForum as it seems to be totally random when I get this error and when I’m allowed in. I also, have actually used the DevForum less than how much I usually use it.

This error affects every part of the DevForum, but only seems to affect a specific browser on a specific device on my IP.


I can confirm, this exact issue has been impacting me heavily. Here is some extra information I have discovered about this:

Note that I am using the latest version of Chrome with no browser extensions.

df too many requests

Also, an “Error 429” notice appears whenever I like a post or use the search tool.

Date First Experienced (MM/DD): 11/12/2021 4:20 PM EST
Date Last Experienced (MM/DD): 11/14/2021 10:00 PM EST


This has also been a huge problem for me. I’m currently unable to access the forums (to post this reply I had to switch to incognito).

Here are some of the errors I got before I was completely blocked by the “Slow down, too many requests from this IP address” message.

DevForum Acting Weird 3
DevForum Acting Weird 2

This problem started yesterday at about noon (1:30 PM PST) and has seemed to get progressively worse.

(11:00 AM PST) I can access the forums again. It seems to go off and on. Edit: Never mind, it won’t let me save this edit. I got a 429 error then, after retrying a moment later, was able to save the edit.
I can’t see my notifications either:
DevForum Acting Weird 6


I also keep experiencing this; however refreshing the page seems to fix it temporarily.


I’ve been experiencing this too, and to fix it: close your browser completely , reopen and go to forum

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I experienced this issue as well. I was blocked out of the forum for about an hour due to this.

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I can confirm this issue. I have same problems

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This is happening to me too, I have to use Devforum like this



I am seeing this problem too. I thought it was from testing a game that saves too much. But maybe not?

Also occurring for me, it’s happened on my phone and laptop.

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@PersonifiedPizza stated this was similar to my error, and it is.
HTTP 403 Errors on Forum - Forum Help / Forum Bugs - DevForum | Roblox

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Happens to me aswell. But there is everything fine with my internet. Its very strange.

I am experiencing this issue on iOS 15.0. It will randomly not load and then when I look at the file it is saying wont load it is saying “Slow down, too many requests.”

As I was reading this post I opened the devforum in another tab and got this error :fearful:


I can confirm this too.
I’m getting web page errors, HTTP 403 errors when trying to post a reply, and sometimes “Slow down, too many requests from this IP address” as well.

Edit; I was literally gonna report the bug here, but then I saw a bunch of posts about it.

This bug needs to be investigated immediately; I can no longer flag any rule violating posts because of this:


LOL When I tried to get to this topic, I got the error page. How ironic.

I confirm.


The last few days I have been getting this error while searching for information on the forum.
You have to look for information on third-party resources.

Browser - Chrome

This has been happening to me a lot recently too. The only reason I saw this topic was because I was going to make my own.

This issue is getting worse from the time I posted on this thread. I was prevented from going on the devforum after a few hours of inactivity with this error.