Error "Spawn is not a valid member of Workspace"

I know what this error means, It means there is no Instance called “Spawn” in Workspace.
I have double checked the Spawn part is literally in workspace as you can see here.

bandicam 2021-08-06 12-47-23-325

But, it gives me this error anyway.

Is there any solution?

Is the script you’re using a local script? Have you checked the parent property of Spawn?

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Is it anchored? It might be falling through the world.

The parent is workspace, And I’m using ServerScript

yes, it is anchored

Try checking if the name is correct, and there are no hidden spaces. Also, what happens when you print(workspace.Spawn) at the top of a script?

When I printed it at the top of the script, It printed “Spawn” which is normal.

Try doing the same thing, but in a while loop to see when it gets deleted(if it even does)

This is my bad, sorry if I wasted your time. Turns out, the part doesn’t anchored and it falls from the world. Sorry very much!

No problem, just make sure to always mark a solution for threads you make.