"Error Uploading All Body Parts"

Last night I uploaded something before the most recent Roblox studio update and it was fine, except the thumbnail got glitched so all i did was try to reupload it again as a body and it shows up this error

Bear in mind I’ve tried everything such as reimporting the body parts entirely, using new decal ID’s restarted roblox studio, I have also tried uploading the images again separately and renaming them to simplistic objects, things that would be unlikely to get filtered

Expected behavior

I expect it to actually upload


Unfortunate. This has also been a issue for me on a consistent basis. Hopefully it gets resolved.

Hello, thank you for reaching out and for the report. Would you mind sharing the source fbx file with us in a private message so we can help investigate?

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Hi, we have fixed an issue on our end. Could you test if you are still experiencing this issue?

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Yes! It seems to have fixed since i was able to upload sucessfully