Error when loading a admin

So, I bought a airport.
And I got it with “Epix Incorporated Server Suite”, whenever I update the game - Epix loads again, but I deleted it.
From what I see in the console, there is a error in the script.

Can you show the console and what line the output shows as an error?

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Telepathy doesn’t exist yet, so please make an mcve.


Yes, here is the error I get.

Not helpful without code. Please post the line that causes this. And NOT as an image.

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Can you show the script

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The thing is: I deleted the whole script, published it - but it still loads.

Do you have any scripts located inside ServerScriptStorage or ReplicatedStorage

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Then the script is not the issue, the exception says the sound content didn’t load. It could be your internet

Or it could be an invalid ID, either one

So, the thing is I want to remove the admin, and when I insert a other admin it doesn’t work.

i have simular problems which i sometimes face, usually after a time it goes away and fixes itself.

as in I pack my bags and it’s going to fix itself for some reason ?

Well, it was been a day from it’s start.

Not really much we can do without seeing everything…

It is nearly impossible to troubleshoot without seeing the script. Please put the script in text form so we can help.

And you not being able to remove admin is because maybe there is a admin script hiding somewhere in the game like in any parts models or whatever…

I would suggest looking at this thread from a while ago.

Try pasting this script into your command bar:

function scan(service)
	for _, object in ipairs(service:GetDescendants()) do
		if (object:IsA("LuaSourceContainer")) then
			local index = object.Source:find("require", 1, true)
			if (index ~= nil) then

It will search for any scripts containing the keyword require in places that scripts can run from. Add additional services to search if you want to. Also be aware that some malicious scripts may be obfuscated to hide the require keyword.


Thanks, turned out I got a malicious script.