Error when playing my game on any devide

I get an error when i play my roblox game on all devices, Different accounts etc… But this error pops up on the screen and when i close it, It keeps popping up again after 1 second. Here is the error:

“Error this item is not currectly for sale. Your account has not been charged.”

I’ve checked and yes my gamepass is currently on sale.
Here is the link to my game if you want to see for yourself:

Please help!!

It may show as available on the game, but what about when you actually check your game settings for the gamepass and also check the actual gamepass on the site?

Have you been able to purchase it before?
Is it a one time gamepass that you already have?

Yes, even someone else bought it once a few weeks ago, And all settings in security > game settings are set on available.

thats so strange. have you put in the correct ID, or have you tried redoing the entire code ?

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please help me, i would really apprechiate it

Does this pop up randomly or when you’re trying to buy your own gamepass in-game.

Randomly after 2 seconds after i close it, It has also affected my music in the game somehow

Enable 3rd party purchases and see what pops up.

i have done that and i enabled ALL options too