Error when trying to build on another place

Error when opening place
I am having a problem with a places. So I am making a story game and it’s like camping were you start in a spawn place and then you get telported to another place inside the game. I need to build inside the other place so I can build the map but it’s not letting me in and is popping up with a error message. This is getting really annoying because I am hopeing to get the game out by the end of July but I still need to put the map in and get everything scripted.
The error/bug is happening when I try to ender my other place on the game (not the spawn the main game play). It stated at 16:00 Pm BST today (6/28/2020) but I could access it early today at around 15:30 Pm BST (6/28/2020)but it just stopped working. I don’t think it’s a problem with my studios because the other developer building the game with me also is having the same problem were it will not let him on. I do know my PC is not the best but the other developer has a good PC so I don’t think it’s the PC’s.

It only started happing about 1 hour ago so I would say it’s a 90% but it will not work so more like a 100% if that makes sense.


  • CPU - Intel® Celeron® CPU N3060@ 1.60GHz
  • Memory - 2.0 GB DDR3
  • GPU - Not sure but if it’s the Disk 0 (C:) it says SanDisk DF4032
  • My player ID - 1471902232
  • The group ID - 3402044
  • Game ID - 1837074199

Here are the pictures and videos of the error:

If you need anything else just tell me.

Hi LifeDigger,

If you could DM me your logs when this happens that would help us investigate. An accurate list of steps to reproduce the problem would be helpful as well. You can find more information here: How to post a Bug Report


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I will DM you it right away. Is it the “Log Files”?

Yup! If you reproduce the issue and follow that guide to get the latest log file we should be able to investigate further

Ok thanks I will do this right away.