Error while loading an UGC bundle

Hello, there are problems with my first bundles, they didnt have this error a few days ago, when I try to equip the full bundle it says :

And by the way, no asset got content deleted, but the error is probably caused by the dynamic head.
By the way, are you aware you can’t equip a dynamic head from the roblox website? Only normal heads can be equiped :

Also, it would be nice to remove content deleted bundles from our inventory because it’s flooding mine and it’s very annoying.
Thank you if you can fix all these problems.
For the first error, it only happens to my 2 first snail bundles, the rest doesnt have this problem.

Page URL:


Try choosing and equip rigs (and dynamic head, dynamic head is called style in Head And Body) without equipping a bundle through Creations > Purchased. I always do that when my outfit isn’t loading/gives error.

Thank you! I never realized style meant dynamic until now :laughing:

Thanks for the report. We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

I also realized the legs of the first snail I made, disappeared from my inventory

Hi - thank you for the report. Do you have the bundle id of the snail that isn’t loading - if they are moderated, then this is expected to happen. We are actively cleaning up moderated items from the inventory - should be resolved over the next two weeks.

Yes here you go : Gogo The Snail - Roblox

I’ve been having this issue with the dynamic heads. But instead of appearing as deleted content or can’t load, they just don’t appear anywhere in my inventory.

Image of my avatar page:

Image of my profile inventory:

As you can see, the heads only appear until rebel, then all the other heads are no where to be found in the avatar page.

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