Error while loading thumbnail for : HTTP 403 (Forbidden

So I have this PBR Texture which is the roughness for the texture which I need. but every time I try to load it I get

Error while loading thumbnail for “Images/Texture roughtness”: HTTP 403 (Forbidden)

I don’t know why its happening. Ive tried restarting but didn’t work. I used a PBR from a site that they allow you to use it for anything.

this is the picture:

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roblox filter may detect it as inappropriate. ive had this happen when playing with pbr textures my self.


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What Can I do? most assets in my game use this texture. it used to work now it doesn’t. Most of my assets are getting errors cuz none of them would load. with the same error. Its pretty annoying

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Is it your texture? If you’re using someone else’s it may be possible they archived it.

Nope, It’s mine. I uploaded it. From a website where they allow you to use for any type of things

Can you check the website to see if the texture was moderated?

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Well Its this texture from the website:

and yes it was moderated in the decals section of create

Yep, that’s why you’re getting the error. You can’t put moderated decals ingame, so you’ll have to try reuploading it :frowning:

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