Error with.... A Font? Studio Won't Open, Update, or Reinstall

I have absolutely no clue (or just don’t have access) to a category where this probably belongs, so unfortunately I have to post it here. Hopefully though, somebody can either move it to the correct location or help with a solution.

I am unable to open Studio. It appears Studio attempted to update, however will not allow itself to. I’m getting one of those very rare and probably completely unheard of error messages that I never even thought was possible.


The error message states that Roblox is angry at a font, which I believe is actually the default font for Studio for lua. Has anybody gotten this before? Does anybody know how to fix this?

I have attempted opening over 5 different places, both TeamCreate places and non-TeamCreate places.
I have attempted opening Studio directly from the desktop, thus not attached to a place.
I have attempted to uninstall Studio, and while it tries to reinstall it once again pops the error, so it won’t even reinstall fully.

I’m lost.

Hate to be that guy who suggests turning it on and off again but try uninstalling Roblox, restarting your PC and then reinstalling.

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I did, and the reinstall failed. Same error.

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contact @Bug-Support