Error with player: 501: Can't parse response, data may be corrupted

Hey guys, I recently launched my first multiplayer project Snow Ball Fighting Simulator.

I log all the datastore errors by sending them to my discord channel(they don’t happen too often).

There are probably 20 or so datastore errors that have been posted throughout the lifetime of the game(around 14 hours now).

This one caught me by surprise. I’m not sure how it happens/what is causing it or what to look for.
Any knowledge would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Error with player: 501: Can't parse response, data may be corrupted.
Stack Begin
Script 'ServerScriptService.Server.DatastoreModule', Line 133
Script 'ServerScriptService.Server.DatastoreModule', Line 234 - field UpdatePlayerData
Script 'ServerScriptService.Server', Line 1832
Stack End

This is what our player data looks like
{OwnedItems={} – key,value(boolean) pairs of owned items,Gold=Gold(number)} with some other bools like “HasPurchasedGoldBefore”


I would initially say this might have to do with having weird characters in the data you saved, but given the description of your data, it looks like it should be fine.

My second guess is that something is temporarily offline or misconfigured, so it will fix itself with time.

If it’s neither of those, then it’s probably an internal bug and you’ll have to get some Roblox Staff to look at it.

If you can’t find a fix, you should be able to reset that key/value pair with RemoveAsync. This, of course, means the player loses their data, but it’s better than not being able to play at all.

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