Error with plugin

I am trying to make a plugin that assists me with welding models, and I can’t use a generic off-the-shelf plugin as I weld the parts together in a specific way…

The issue is that the plugin always returns a CreateToolBar is not a valid member of Plugin "user_ModelWelder.rbxmx".

I have tried searching google, the DevHub, and the DevForum. No answers have come up.

The code that I am using:

toolbar = plugin:CreateToolBar("Artemis")
toolButton = toolbar:CreateButton("ModelWelder","Quickly weld models together!","rbxassetid://413444887")

And my file structure:

Any help is appreciated!

For anyone coming across this problem make sure that the B in CreateToolbar is not capitalized

A quite neat fix to not misspell plugin methods is that you can use the typechecking feature as such:

local plugin: Plugin = plugin -- will autocomplete correctly