Errors appearing out of nowhere about CameraScript


Normally, I thought that this bug was to do of the new PlayerScripts update because of this. However, when I move to a different studio environment. I would be greeted with the same bug.

Every time I would press F5 to test my game, the errors will show up in output.

Place #1 is the place I submitted to the PlayerScripts post.
Place #2 is a different place ( game not submitted to the post ).

Place #1:

Place #2:

Last time I recall (before the errors began to show up), I was messing around with the settings in the studio's advanced tab.

I think when I enabled Show Diagnostics Bar, the errors started to come up.

Update #1: It appears reinstalling studio didn't fix this problem.

Update #2: Seems like removing the local folder and unistalling doesn't fix it

Update #3: More errors have risen