Errors started showing up in the local dev console


Yup, this happens on my game too. I think it started happening 1-2 days ago?

Weird, pretty sure that the ServerSocialScript is meant to run on… you guessed it… the server…
At least it doesn’t error on the server, only the local log gets poluted. (better than it being broken)

If you have a script you only intend to run on the server running on all of your clients, it’s probably worth investigating. It could cause all kinds of weird behavior as clients flood duplicate events that should only be triggered once by the actual server script.

It’s a CoreScript.

Ah, well that’s certainly worth looking into then, but by us :slight_smile:

Yeah for some reason this started running on the client. While the errors are nothing to worry about, what could cause issues is what doesn’t error in that script. It deals with followers and friends and I believe does alerts for them. And as Profbeetle said, it can duplicate events on all clients for that stuff, and cause strange behavior.

The client creates a “SetDialogInUse” RemoteEvent in the RobloxReplicatedStorage.
That might override the serverside one that actually works.
(not sure in which order WaitForChild waits, if the serverside one is already replicated, that is)
The events don’t get connected, so creating that RE is the only side effect of the ServerStarterScript.

More or less the same for the ServerSocialScript:
It creates two RemoteEvents and one RemoteFunction, possibly overwriting the real one.
Again: Events don’t get connected, so there are no extra side effects.

After those errors in the local log, they’re basicly broken, not even having connected events.
Basicly with the extra RemoteEvents/Functions, functionality might break.
Another permanent effect: RRR will get filled with events everytime a player joins
For big games where tons of players join one server, it might result in a lot of events.

Actually not that much damage.
Depending on whether the duplicated events override the real ones, it might be totally fine for most servers, and laggy on the looong run for “very visited” servers.

Although, this is while assuming clients can add stuff to the RRR.
In theory, since only the server should add items, the RRR should be some sort of read-only thing.
Clients should only be able to view its descendants and read their properties.
An exploiter could now destroy the real events and add random events (which are harmless)

I was bored, might as well look how bad this is

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