Errors while uploading bundle to roblox

hello, lately i’ve been working in a bundle that i want to upload to roblox, i downloaded every file from the documentation of roblox and i’ve had one particular error that’s been terrifying me this whole process, here’s the error.


this error is because of the cages, but i cant really tell what does it mean or why is it happening

i’ve asked a ugc creator that makes bundles if there was anything bad with the uvs of my cages (asked that because the error mentions it) but he said that the uvs were fine and it had nothing to do with it.

i make the cages shape with the sculping tool in blender, when i try to export it to roblox and see the error it doesnt really appear. but when i try to use the edit mode (to put the end vertices of the cage’s parts with each other so the cage can be watertight), the error appears.

lastly, i didnt touch the uvs of the cages or anything like that, i’ve downloaded multiple templates from the documentation and every single one of the has the same uvs so yeah

i also saw this tutorial and in some parts it uses edit mode, so im still not sure what’s the cause of this error.

(btw in that video it shows a validation tool for your bundles as an addon in blender, but that addon doesnt appear in the docs of roblox, so if anyone has it, pls send it too)

i really want to upload my bundle, if anyone could help

thanks :slight_smile:

btw i already fixed the bundle and i can upload it now, i’ll still put the solution in this reply.

so, that error just appears because the uvs of the cage were modified (ik, i said that i didnt modify the cage’s uvs but some modifiers that i used did some changes to it).

if you have your cages ready but you have this error, there’s 2 options:

  1. you can use this cage template that has the uv maps correctly made:
    Cage.fbx (4.3 MB)

then you can paste the cage of the template in your project, and copy the map of the template cages into the cages that you’re using (check any tutorials on how to copy n paste the uvs in the software that you’re using).

  1. if the first method doesnt work, you’ll need to redo the whole cages (i had to do this :cry: ) and try to just use basic deformers like just dragging the vertices of the cage or using sculpting mode, if you get this error again, try the first method again but with the new cages.

there are some other errors that are kinda annoying, so if you have any questions you can make it here and ill try to reply to them :smiley:

i have the exact same errors i am working on a bundle to and i also keep getting attachment not found on bodyparts errors while it is clearly on the right body part and i keep getting the r15artistintent errors like you