ERRP | Rules & More!


Hello I am the Owner of ERRP (Emergency Response Roleplay)
Group Link -


1 - Do not use exotics
2 - Do not RDM (Random Death Match)
3 - Do not NLR (New Life Rule)
4 - Do not impersonate staff
5 - Do not use staff vehicles/colors
6 - No FRP (Fail Roleplay)
7 - Listen to staff
8 - Do not be rude/disrespectful
9 - Do not randomly cuff (without tazing or having the person surrender)
10 - Have fun!

Staff Rules

1 - Do not ask for personal information
2 - Do not be rude to players
3 - If someone does mod Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V this message: Hello my Username is (Username) and I am a (Rank) on ERRP thanks for using !mod/!help how can I assist you?
4 - On duty staff cannot have guns (incase shot)
5 - Staff must be ready to answer calls
6 - (Temp) - Mods; Red, Owner: White
7 - Follow all the rules and guidelines,


Member -

  • A member is the user of the community that is playing our games they have limited permissions.


  • A higher role of the community that CAN use EXOTICS

Staff -

  • A staff member is a person that is here to help the community.

Owner -

The owner of the server

More information coming soon!