Escape doesn't hide Find / Replace when Script Editor is Focused

The Find and Find / Replace widgets in the Studio Script Editor will hide themselves if you press escape while you have them focused. However, if you click back into the Script Editor’s text, escape will no longer hide the Find / Replace widget when pressed.

The expected behavior, and the behavior in basically any other text / code editor, is for escape to close the Find / Replace widget whether you have it focused or not.

Since escape doesn’t do anything currently in the script editor, this is probably just a case of the script editor eating the Escape keypress instead of letting it propagate to where the Find / Replace widget can handle it.

Repro Steps

  • Open a Script Editor in Studiio

  • Ctrl + F and find some text

  • With the find Widget still up, click back into the Script Editor’s text

  • Press Escape

  • The find widget is still shown, contrary to what you would expect with other editors

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