.escape from reality (small showcase)

Hey everyone! Even though this isn’t a huge project, this build is pretty special to me. Ever since I was a kid, I pictured this scene in my head. I couldn’t quite figure out why I was picturing it, but I just wanted to go to this place to escape from reality. I would dream about spending hours here drawing or painting. Anyway, I pictured a Japanese influenced dock/pier with a beautiful view of the ocean. On one of the benches was a carefully written note and a rose. I have no idea why this was so specific to me as a child, but while I had some free time I wanted to build it. I’m probably being too dramatic about this lol, but this imaginary place really helped me to escape my troubles growing up. Let me know what you think!

This place was my escape from reality, so I thought it was fitting to name it exactly that.

Here’s the game if you wanted to check it out: afterlife - Roblox


Really nice build! I love the attention to detail and the atmosphere created.


Looks really good! I really like the Japanese low poly style you used. Good job! :+1:

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Seeing you pictured this (Japanese influenced dock) scene inside your head. And currently made it into a real life creation i gotta say the Japanese design, details, and style you included onto the dock/pier it is. Very fantastic as once i joined the! Game and stayed in there looking around for over 10, minutes i really liked how you made this real life creation. Just by picturing it inside your head and all the, Different kinds of realistic features you added to the dock i! Can say it’s very well done the mountains and realistic water really makes, your “Showcase” stand out a lot more and it seems you had a lot of stuff growing up when you was a kid. Like the (1990’s Suburban Home) your currently still working on that was a real life! House you lived in when you was growing up at that time and then you turned that into. A real life creation by adding the textures, details, design and others around the whole house. And i would assume that’s still in progress and you didn’t get to finish it but all these ideas your getting is from. When you was growing up and i really like how you can take that and turn, it into a real life creation aside all of that you have a fantastic showcase. And i would like to see what other kind of showcase your going to make.

Overall, you have done a great job on your “escape from reality” showcase and. I really think you’ve did very will recreating something you pictures inside your head. And it looks like a great place that i’ll visit again and see how you have, done to your showcase in a few months. I know that people will visit this amazing showcase and enjoy, to see realistic features that were added such as the water and just a peaceful place to relax at. Overall you have done a nice job making. The real life (Japanese Dock/Pier). This is really incredible with the details that’s! Implemented into your showcase and i. can’t wait to see more details your going to include in! Soon or i do believe that’s all the details your making so i don’t, think there’s nothing else that needs to be added overall what a impressive job you have done. Keep building these amazing creations!!

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