ESDevelopers and PTBRDevelopers groups flairs was disappeared

Good night.

Some months ago with an Discourse update implemented to the DevForum, the “flairs” function was arrived, with which you could select an icon that would be showing next to your avatar when making posts. The available icons were from development groups (artists, programmers, etc) and international categories, such as ESDevelopers (Spanish Developers) and PTBRDevelopers (Portuguese and Brazilian Developers). The icons looks similar to this image:


Recently (I don’t remember the exact day when it started, but it was in the previous week) these icons of these international categories was disappeared, without prior notice (except for FRDevelopers and DEDevelopers groups).


There were quite a few users who had these icons. And we would like to be able to use them again.

Thanks for your attention!


I’m pretty sure this is intentional, but it was of course a good feature


Any News when this will be fixed (or implemented)?
It’s also happening with the @DEDevelopers Group.
Would be nice to get that icon back….

It’s hard to represent languages with symbols, so the team had to choose a country flag to represent each group in the flair. This ended up being problematic because most of the international communities cover a language that is spoken in multiple countries. Instead of arbitrarily choosing one country for each community and risking misrepresenting or offending community members who do not associate with that country, we decided to just hide the symbols entirely for now for all these groups to be consistent.

The team will keep thinking about how to best represent the international developer communities on the forum in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

As this was an intentional change, closing this out since this is not a technical issue with the forum.