[ Espanso ] Write Scripts faster and in a more optimized way, without having to Repeat your self in every script

Hello , Just wanted to share with you an app i’m using that will make your life easier ( Maybe )

What Does it do ?

  • It makes you less likely to repeat your self while scripting.
  • And makes your writing more neat and gives it a better shape.
  • replace anything you write to any code ( specified previously ) or text.

to edit what you can replace Getting Started | Espanso

Get from Here : https://espanso.org / or Installation

Will you use this app ?
  • Yes
  • No

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How does it work? It seems cool but I don’t really find myself having to type many lines like that.


you type anything you want and it just turns to what you specified in the file

if you don’t have one code to Repeat in many scripts , Yeah it won’t be of use for you
that’s why i did say you can use it if you want to organize your script with more comments like the two i made

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Actually pretty cool, could save me some time declaring roblox services.
example: /rs --> local rs = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")


Nice idea, Ty i will try it _____