Espresso Machine Model


Just finished modeling a custom Espresso Machine! What do you think of it? I was also thinking of launching my own Brand of Coffee shop/Cafe equipment. Full set would include all sorts of machines, equipment, decor, ect. Would you be interested in buying premium models for a small ammount of Robux in future? :white_check_mark:

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Current features: :white_check_mark:

  • Functional Display
  • LEDs
  • Beautiful, minimal, modern design

Upcoming features :warning:

  • Local Time and Date
  • Machine Status and Dynamic Texts
  • Animations
  • More…

I was also wondering if I should create and sell a set of coffee shop equipment
as premium models for a small ammount of Robux?


I really love the light & scripts you added. Looks Amazing! Keep it up. :slight_smile:

The lights look really cool and appealing. Good job!