Essential game requirements

Im new to developing, as I am making my first game. So far I only have the map and scripts etc for the game to function.

Would someone be able to list all of the neccessities you should have in your game to make it a robust server (e.g. some sort of anticheat, admin moderation etc etc) just basic setups that every good server should have (just to cover all bases)

I am not an expert at this, but I can list some good things.

I have a little feedback button in my game (you can find it in toolbox) so that players can send you suggestions and bugs.

Another important thing, I think, is to have some sort of points system. If there are no points or rewards or anything, people might not stay as long. In my game, the player gets a point every few seconds that they play, and once they get 1,000 points, they automatically get a badge and a special tool

Good luck!

Hello Developer,

Iā€™m glad you have picked Roblox over the other possibilities, for a career as a developer on the platform.

I have a very helpful post for you which might help you with this too. It does have a lift of usable admin scripts, as well as a list of usable plugins and much more, be sure to check this out!

The post is liked Here!

Hope this helps!

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I will check that out, thanks very much!