Essential knowledge for building on ROBLOX


Are you a builder and looking to make your builds more professional?
Look no further, I’ve creating an interactive learning experience for you.

This interactive tutorial includes AP taught subjects in computer science classes; specifically for your models. Furthermore, this short interactive tutorial teaches you how to better work in teams.

What you will be learning:

  • How to name models like real professionals using camelCase
  • How to have more success in developer collaboration

Play now and see what you can learn!

The title might be a bit misleading in my opinion, I’d recommend changing from “development” to “building” as it seems to be the main target audience of what you’re teaching.
I haven’t checked the place yet though.
Lmk if I’m wrong :sweat_smile:

This is is entirely subjective but something is better than nothing. Roblox uses Snake_Case for all their models. Personally I use PascalCase.

This is awfully vague at describing the specifics of what I will be learning.

Also, for some reason pressing the “Next” here does nothing.

Overall I think you should work on putting the resources into the DevForum post instead of putting into some Roblox experience that only partially works.

It does nothing because it detected your response as too vague. You have to put thought into the question