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We have sent a friend request to you.

We have contacted you and hired you.

We have spoken to you via discord.

We have declined your application.

Please state the position you wish to obtain.

Low poly means less realistic. How are they supposed to make low poly realistic stuff?

They mean the Kohau style, which is quite difficult to obtain. Although it is mostly a low-poly building with textures, it is an extremely hard thing to create. @adurances as for the builder pricing, you should make it a higher-paying job. Although Kohau listed 5k as their price, it finally got said it’s paid way more to the newest builder. I recommend increasing the pay to minimally 10-15k for such a build, which is already a low offer.

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k1rboo, please keep in mind that there are some people who do have small pricing ranges and that we are on a specified budget. Note that the build is not as large as Kohau, and the style seems complex but is actually somewhat simple, and almost any 5K-10K developer that builds usually has experience with such things. We stated 5K+ for a reason, as the plus isn’t just there to attract people in, though it is there because we are willing to pay more if needed.

Do keep in mind that your comment is a personal opinion, not something that has been thought out correctly it seems. We do not intend to be rude, though the comment you posted was very unnecessary.

We do thank you for your concern, but we hope to keep the pricing somewhat in the range of 5K-10K, nothing more. You may have a higher payment for yourself as a Builder, though that does not mean it applies to every single person out there.

Please check the game we linked to preview what we mean.

I don’t understand? I already said it in my post. The animator position is now taken though, so you can ignore me.

I’m interested with Artist job
But I don’t have my portfolio
So I give u my Explame works:

My Discord: Zanviorus#4660
Twitter: @Z4VTOL

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We love your graphics, though we are unfortunately not in need of graphics.
If you know how to draw art, we may reconsider, since we need the icons and thumbnails to be drawings.

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Hello! I am interested. ([Closed] Daystopia || Builder Portfolio)

I don’t have a portfolio yet but I’m interested in the artist job. Here is my commissions sheet with a few examples:

My Commission Sheet

Hello, I am interested in the Low Poly Builder Position.

My portfolio: Mightism | Builder for Hire [Roblox Studio, Blender, Low Poly Builder]
You can contact me on discord: Bernard#6230

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Hey! Do you possibly have discord?

Oh, great to hear! I have sent a friend request.
My discord and my partner’s discord usernames are in the post just to reassure that it is us when accepting a friend request.

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Hello I’m interested in the programmer position, I have experience with scripting cafe/bakery assets, I can show you examples on discord as the gyazo links might not load; I’ve sent a friend request to you on discord, (supercookie#3984).

I apologize, though the programmer position has been taken.

Unfortunately, we were uninterested with your work, though we wish you the best of luck!

Unfortunately, we were uninterested with your work, though we wish you the best of luck!

Unfortunately, we were uninterested with your work, though we wish you the best of luck!