Evalco Public Handbook

Welcome To The Official Evalco Handbook!

This handbook goes over vital information regarding Evalco. You can find many answers to your questions here. If you still have concerns, please message a member of the High Rank team. Any support or feedback is greatly appreciated as it will help us improve, so don’t fret to DM your input!


Social Links

ROBLOX: Evalco - Roblox
Communications server is located in “Social Links” under the group! Make sure to join to receive updates.
Homestore: UPDATED | Evalco Homestore V3 - Roblox
Event Center: Evalco Event Center - Roblox


If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them! Before you ask your question, I highly suggest you look at this section. This will cover a lot of the questions, so I hope this will help!

1, How do I become a staff member?

The steps to becoming a staff member is pretty simple! Firstly, make sure you’re in our communications server. This is the way you will be able to apply, and be notified to pass. Then you will fill out a Manager application. Choose one of the departments that you would like to be in. Once you have applied, you will wait until Sunday to see if you got in!

  1. Where is the alliance handbook?

The alliance handbook is located in this handbook! You can find it in the “Alliance Information” section. Once you have followed the instructions and completed the application, please send it to a member of the Relations Department!

  1. Can I still work here if I have safechat?

No, as we only have MR ranks. For MR+ you must not have safechat to even be eligible to apply. You will do a safechat test if you pass, so don’t apply if you have it!

  1. What type of group is Evalco?

Evalco is a clothing group. We strive for the best quality clothes for our customers. If you would like to support us, buying any of our clothes would mean a lot to us.

  1. How can I be a designer at Evalco?

To be a designer at Evalco, please DM the Leadership Team (lemxnaid and souledhearts. souledhearts: E.#5278 and lemxnaid: lem#1097. You will be DMed around 1-2 with your results. Good luck! <3

Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct is very vital to your stay in Evalco. Violating rules will result in your removal, as we want to create a safe and friendly environment for everyone!

  1. Do not bully or harass others. Cyber bullying will not be allowed. If you are caught doing so, you will face consequences.

  2. Do not make loud and obnoxious noises in any of the voice channels. This type of behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

  3. Do not spam in any of the channels. Spam/ghost pinging other users will instantly cause a mute or kick/ban.

  4. Please refrain from starting toxic conversations at all times. If you are here to cause drama, you will be removed. Please take these kinds of issues to DMs.

  5. Please do not advertise your group in the server. Any types of links or any way to advertise your group will be prohibited. This includes DM advertising.

  6. Please follow Discord’s TOS at all costs. Not doing so will instantly result in punishments.

  7. Please refrain from swearing. You may use abbreviations like “wtf”. NSFW pictures/materials will lead to an automatic ban. Music with swearing must be played clean.

  8. Do not send unfamiliar links in the server. This will lead to a kick. Do not click on any that may be sent. Also sending unknown links in DMs will result in consequences.

  9. Do not expose any personal information about yourself. We want everyone to be safe, so please stay away from releasing information about your name, address, or just anything that may leak anything about you.

  10. Lastly, please use common sense throughout your time here. Do not try to bypass any of these regulations.

Community Events

Coming soon.


Alliance Requirements

In order to being the application progress, your group needs to meet the certain amount of requirements before doing so. We are very thankful for your interest, and we hope we can form this partnership!

Must have at least 1500 group members. We will not accept groups with botted or untrue members. You must have a communications server with at least 250 server members. Same rules apply with the botted members.

You must have a well organized, professional server. This includes well polished channels, a good staff team, and a fairly active general.

Your group must follow all rules. They should all be able to follow our server rules, and your representatives. They should all be professional and respectful. Trolling from any of our affiliated staff members will NOT be tolerated.

Your group must be in the business industry. This includes graphics, cafes, juice bars, clothing groups, and etc. We will not be accepting trolling groups, fan groups, etc. We will only make exceptions for our member requirements if we believe it will benefit us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please DM a member of the Relations Department.

Alliance Application

If you believe your group has met the requirements above, and are interested in applying, the application is below. The Relations Team wishes you a good luck!

  1. How would you rate the activity of your group on a scale of 10? (Includes community events, interaction, etc.)
  1. Why would you like to ally with Evalco?
  1. Why should Evalco ally with you?
  1. How will your group contribute to the activity of Evalco, and how would you like us to contribute to yours?
  1. Do you meet all the requirements as stated at the beginning of the application? Do you have any questions about them or about the alliance in general?

Once you have finished the application, please send it to a member of a Relations Department! We will only accept the application on a Google Document. Your application will be read and you will be notified within 24-48 hours of applying! Good luck.


How to Apply

If you are interested in being a member of the Evalco Staff Team and do not know how to apply, this section will explain the steps to applying for Manager.

  1. You need to be in the communications server first! This is how you will be able to access the application and where you will be notified of your results. If you are not in the server, you cannot apply.
  1. You will go into the pinned messages in the announcements tab. There you will find the directions for the application and the application itself. You will fill out the application to the best of your ability. Remember, you cannot have safechat!
  1. Application results are every Sunday. After you apply, all you need to do is wait to see if you have passed! Please DM a member of the Relations Team if you have any issues.
MR Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a staff member, but you are unsure if you can meet the requirements, here are the MR requirements:

You must attend/host at least 3 gamenights a month. Cancelled gamenights will not count unless approved by the Leadership Team. If you join the staff team later in the month here are your requirements:

For example:
Up to January 10: 3 gamenights (hosted or attended) and 2 QOTD days
January 11-17: 2 gamenights (hosted or attended) and 2 QOTD days
January 18-24: 1 gamenight (hosted) and 1 QOTD day
January 25-31: No requirements for the month of January, but encouraged that you attend at least 1 gamenight

You must do at least 2 QOTDs a month. See above for your requirements if you join later.

You must complete all of your department work. There will be due dates for your tasks, and you must complete them on time.

You must actively interact with other staff members and community. We will be evaluating your performance.

Staff Ranks

Here will be the list of staff members at Evalco and what they do:

Moderation Team: Members of the Moderation Team will moderate the server and rank members. If you have bought something and are in need of a rank up, the fastest way is to DM a member of the Moderation Team.

Manager: Manager is the MR rank. These are for people who have taken the Manager application and passed. They will be doing basic department work, gamenights, QOTDs, and being actively chatting with members.

Executive: Executive is the first High Rank. They are responsible for more important department work, as well as all the Manager tasks.

Head Executive: Head Executives works with the SHR team to create events, new procedures, etc. They are a very vital part of each department.

Board of Directors: As SHR members, they will work with the Leadership Team to create major changes/ideas. They are also in charge of overseeing the departments.

More to add soon…


Thank you for reading the Official Evalco Handbook! If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to DM a member of the Leadership Team.

souledhearts and lemxnaid

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