Evaluate the build for my simulator game

So I made a build for my game similar to Arm Wrestle, a game about dancing. The first location as you can see is a nightclub, but for me, it does not fit the category of a colorful cartoon game. What should I change to make it more like other locations from other games like Arm Wrestle and so on?

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1. Default Roblox materials ARE NOT cartoony whatsoever, so I recommend getting a texture pack, there a great ones out there in the toolbox.
2. The styles of your models don’t match, seems like you used free models, I recommend learning blender, there are plently of very useful tutorials out there, check out the one by RoBuilder
3. Lighting is very important to make a build look good.

Anyways, I am a representitive of Windy, and we would be happy to work with you. You would need to undergo training, you’d be taught modeling/building since we are looking for staff, after training you’d be a developer in one of our projects. Payment is not guarranteed since currently we pay in percentage of the game’s earnings on release.

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