Evaluating my upcoming game

I’d like to welcome everyone, so let’s get right to it.
At the moment I and my team are making a pretty interesting racing game.

I’ll explain:
Have you ever played TrackMania or Mario Kart? So, my game is roughly speaking racing in cartoon style with a combination of games that I indicated above.
Here is for example a screenshot (I can show only a couple), of one of the locations in the game:

and Here’s an example of a car model

So, in the game, you ride with other players, and collect coins on the map for which you can improve and paint the car, you can also buy new ones.
Also there will be different modes, such as speedrun, normal races and much more.
So here I’ll get to the point, here pay attention to this!!! At the moment in the game is ready only one location and car model, and is working on its control.
So, if you for example:

  1. Investor who would like to invest in our game for its development.
  2. A scripter who could help us with the realization of some things
  3. A gui designer who would make a beautiful icon, thumbnail and donate buttons.
    Then go to my server in Discord and write to me(owner, Dssall2). We will discuss everything with you there
    P.S. Payment is enclosed(in dollars)

Write your Discord so I can contact you.


This looks cool, but I wouldn’t use these bowser models, as Nintendo can take your game down for infringing copyright.


Okay, I’ll change the card, but the question about the car, I’m not gonna get anything? I mean for the shape of the car and so on I will not be banned?


No, because I believe it is a free model, and it doesn’t have any Nintendo licensed stuff. It’s just a typical race car; Nintendo can’t claim a chassis shape

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