Event for when an emote is played?

For the new Avatar Emotes, is there an event for when a player uses an emote?

For example, something like…

humanoid.EmotePlayed:Connect(function(emoteName, emoteId)
	print(humanoid.Parent.Name, "played emote:", emoteName)

I’m pretty sure there is no way currently, but an old method I did was editing the animation script itself ( this was another topic I helped a user out with, they needed to get the animation ID ) ;


I’ll be using this for an open source project in other peoples games, so in an ideal world I’d like completely avoid modifying core/default scripts. If no one else comes up with a better proposal, I’ll make a feature request for this.

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Funny that the Humanoid has a PlayEmote function but not an EmotePlayed signal. Usually those kinds of things come in doubles.

You’ll most likely need a Feature Request for this. I checked the PlayEmote command module and the Animate script to no avail. The least I found was Humanoid.PlayEmote and a PlayEmote BindableFunction. So close yet so far, huh.